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is to provide churches with the lowest interest rates and best financing terms possible. Our ministry provides affordable and creative loan structures to churches, so they can grow and spread God's word. Structuring creative loans is our business!

Key Personnel:

J. Lyndon Johnson - President

  • President and Owner of Johnson Mortgage Services, Inc.
  • Founded Johnson Mortgage Services, Inc. in 1974
  • 40+ years of Church Lending and Mortgage Banking
  • Church Building Experience
  • Founder of God's Property, Inc. (non-profit)
  • International Accountants Society
  • Former Bank Owner of Unity Savings & Loan
  • 22 Hours of Accredited Accounting
  • Attended The Ohio State University
  • Interest - Fishing, Golfing, Softball, Hunting and Track


Mark Johnson - Vice President

  • Vice President of Johnson Mortgage Services, Inc.
  • 30 years of Church Lending and Underwriting
  • Director of Computer Operations and Administration
  • Director of Loan Underwriting
  • Manager of Mortgage Loan Servicing (30 years)
  • Graduate of Oral Roberts University (1986)
  • Interest - Golf, Slo-Pitch Softball, Fishing and Hunting

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