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Below are a few kind words provided from a few of our satisfied church customers. (Letters available upon request.)

Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Virginia
"I have done considerable ministry financing using the services of Johnson Mortgage Services, Inc. His fees, as always, have been reasonable and his performance, as always, has been outstanding."  
  The Late: Dr. Jerry Falwell

Grandview Baptist Church, Beaver Creek, Oregon
"I found J. Lyndon Johnson to be a man of character and reliability. He was a wonderful advocate for our church in seeing that we got the best loan for the least fees possible. I would whole heartedly recommend to you the services of Johnson Mortgage."  
  Dr. Mike Mutchler

Liberty Bible Academy, Mason, Ohio
"The bond-type financing package we obtained is making a tremendous impact on our budget. We are very grateful to Mr. Johnson and his firm for helping us significantly enhance our financial position."  
  The Late: R. Dean Truesdale

First Church of God, Columbus, Ohio
"I wanted to express my tremendous gratitude for the marvelous work you and your company did on our behalf in securing funding for our family life building. Your expertise, knowledge, experience and integrity made what could have been and perhaps might have been an impossible situation both possible and even enjoyable."  
  Bishop Timothy J. Clarke


Faith Fellowship World Outreach, Fort Myers, Florida
"Mr. Johnson took on the challenge with due diligence and was able to refinance. The interest rate dropped dramatically from 9.5% to 2.65%. He is a man with impeccable credentials and character."  
  Rev. Torleif Brattli

Longview Baptist Temple, Longview, Texas
"He (Lyndon) and his staff went the extra mile to help us secure our new financing package. I wholeheartedly recommend this good man. He was up front with us and stayed with us through the whole process."  
  Dr. Bob Gray

Mountain Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Park City, Utah
"I would like to say thank you to Johnson Mortgage for the outstanding service in securing the construction loan that we needed. I would highly recommend Johnson Mortgage Services to any fellowship looking for expertise, reliability, knowledge of loaning institutions and delivery of product."  
  Pastor Lenny Perata

Montgomery Assembly of God, Montgomery, OH
"In 29 years the "most" credible, dedicated and capable man I've met out of scores, is J. Lyndon Johnson of Johnson Mortgage Services. If ever a man has demonstrated a call of God to do what he is doing, it is Lyndon Johnson. His professionalism, performance and most importantly character is above reproach."  
  Pastor Rodney S. Dukes

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